Lanfranchi's Memorial Discotheque

Artist Run Space, Sydney Australia

Named after a particuarly colourful era in Australian criminal history in which Warren Lanfranchi was shot dead in the street behind the venue buy corrupt Sydney detectives...

Established in 2002, Lanfranchi’s is an artist-run space located in Chippendale. For the last four years it has been a dedicated studio and performance space for a diverse collective of musicians, visual, sound and new media artists, as well as writers, journalists, arts workers and music publishers.

In this time, the space has hosted many established and emerging artists from interstate and internationally, and thousands of people from the arts and wider community have been exposed to work they could not have experienced otherwise.

Our objective is to create and facilitate interesting new projects which cannot afford to hire conventional spaces, or which simply don’t fit the restrictions normally imposed.

Lanfranchi's shut its doors on the 25th June 2007.
Archives of activities that took place during those five years will be available here in the future. Currently images from selected events are available <here>
Thank you to those who put on the hundreds of events over the years and all who attended and supported these activities!

Founding members are: Alex Davies, Lucas Abela, Brendan Phelan, Dave Harris, Hana Shimada, Joni Taylor and Michael Potas
Current members are: Alex Davies, Brendan Phelan, Phoebe Torzillo, Tega Brain, Adrian O'Doherty, Gabriel Don, Kirsty Stringer, Pia Van Gelder and Jemise Anning.

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